„McCafe“ webpage – McDonalds

Mike Cotton / 4 years / No Comments

After the successful launch of the Advent Calendar for McDonalds last Christmas, yet another great marketing campaign takes off. With the new and unique „McCafe“ webpage McDonalds Switzerland is increasing brand awareness through social media integration on all channels. Users can see and participate either on the McCafé webpage or on social media channels in a time limited competition to show how they are enjoying their McCafé. The ultimate goal for the customer is to win CHF 5’000 and to be shown on the webpage itself.

Matthias Dörner, Senior Project Leader about the project – „This is a great way for a company to engage with customers on all available channels. From offline, to web and social media, this is a true omni-channel solution and a great success for McDonalds Switzerland.”

Go and visit the website here.