Sunrise extended partnership

Mike Cotton / 3 years / No Comments

Sunrise, the largest private telecom provider in Switzerland and Computer Rock have renewed their partnership to continuously improve their digital consumer touch points using latest web technologies with the goal to strengthen customer experience and retention going forward.

Sunrise has selected Computer Rock in 2016 as specialist digital technology innovation and implementation partner. Computer Rock’s mandate covers the delivery and support of front end design and UX which reflects Sunrises internal design and product teams vision of the future. As a leading telecom provider Sunrise have a clear vision and commitment to enhance their customer offering across their Mobile, landline, Internet and digital TV networks.

This partnership harnesses the long standing acknowledged skills and though leadership of Sunrise in delivering market leading digital experiences for their customers with Computer Rocks delivery of robust and resilient digital infrastructure. It is a winning combination and one that demonstrates how a partnership of internal marketing and product teams aligned with dedicated external specialists can deliver a digital vision of the future expediently, efficiently, collaboratively.

Computer Rock is now supporting the product and design team at Sunrise for 3 years including project management and development via the Computer Rock hubs in Zurich and Belgrade.