Condair Sensor Connect

Goodbye manuals: Installers of Condair humidifiers find all the information in the app.

Our Main Goal

With over 750 employees, the Condair Group is the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of commercial, industrial humidification and evaporative cooling. The installation of Condair units is carried out by professional installers. Thus, each humidity/tem sensor must be connected to the Condair humifier, the wiring must be laid out, and settings must be made. Instead of equipping installers with thick manuals that have to be constantly updated, Condair had the idea of packaging everything in an app
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Mobile App (react native)

Just a few clicks to the right instructions

Every Condair humidity/temperature sensor and Condair humidifier comes with a QR code on the specification. Using the app, the installer can now scan the QR code on the sensor and then the one on the Condair humidifier (or vice versa) and receive the specific wiring information as well as the required humidifier settings. The sometimes complex plans can be zoomed for better readability.

It couldn’t be simpler!


Instead of carrying around heavy manuals and waisting time for searching the correct instrucdtions, installers of Condair humidifiers can find all the information they need in the app in no time at all.

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