Our technical solutions range from large scale customer experience ecosystems to individualised mobile and web applications, all powered by the Computer Rock integration and platform know-how, which builds the core of our expertise. Within a 360° offering we conceptualize, design and develop digital solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and value propositions to establish successful business models for them. Local and vertical market expertise through our local branches, including award winning user experience and interface design are the Computer Rock added value as we see it.

Your Business

We perceive your business landscape as a constantly evolving environment of challenges and opportunities. Through our business analysis and modeling capabilities we are able to support your most complex business requirements and align them towards an effective digital solution. We understand your business in an entrepreneurial way and are therefore able to offer competitive solutions.

Your Business

Our process

The initial concept and strategy phase is the most decisive step in any project approach we take. User experience and design is founded in this phase and further finalized along the whole process. We then follow up with our hybrid agile implementation and delivery process which offers the optimal mix of strict milestone planning and agile feature set planning. This allows us to thoroughly adapt to requirement changes even at late project stages. QA processes include automated testing and final local quality control before shipping the functionalities.

Our process

The Computer Rock Platform

The Computer Rock platform is the foundation, our service solutions are built upon. Within a fully cloud-based framework best-of-breed technologies are combined to deliver ultimate feature flexibility, performance and resilience.


iOS mobile & TV
Android mobile & TV
Windows mobile
AR / VR development


Mobile first reponsive apps


Automotive Apps & Tizen

Computer Rock Platform

Configurable business logic layer
Symfony3 based core stack

eCommerce and CMS systems

Sensational eCommerce
Magento, xtCommerce & PrestaShop
Drupal & Typo3

Cloud / ML

Deployment to all cloud systems
Amazon AWS & MS Azure
Google Cloud & Google Tensor Flow

3rd Party Integrations

Analytics APIs
SSO and Authentication APIs
Identity APIs
Presence and Location APIs

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