ASMALLWORLD is the leading private international lifestyle club, founded in 2004 as one of the first online social networks. It provides extraordinary benefits and experiences to its internationally-minded members.


Following the relaunch of their completely redesigned social community website, ASMALLWORLD’s next objective was to replace their existing iOS app with a completely new one and to also introduce an app for Android. They turned to Computer Rock to develop the new apps, based on a detailed product concept with an intuitive member experience and the ASMALLWORLD CI.
The challenge was to combine a wealth of features and details and to implement a clean design helping the user to navigate and focus on core features such as meet-up, messages, and events with ease.


Working together with ASMALLWORLD’s team, we created a design and user experience targeting the active and mobile global citizen.
The design prioritises high usability, while simultaneously conveying quality, an air of luxury and sophistication. To follow through with consistent experiences across both platforms we started from generic application module designs and adapted them to the user experience principles of iOS and Android.
We were excited to shape the mobile user interfaces for a complete social network including image messaging and discussion capabilities. The number of use cases and the level of detail we had to cope with was massive, another reason why we are proud of the formidable result our team was able to achieve.
In the coming weeks we will add loads of additional features and extensions.
  • Media iOS, Android
  • Industry Lifestyle, Luxury, Travel
  • Market Global
  • Launch year 2015