Radio Hamburg

Radio Hamburg is a private commercial radio station set up in the 1980s to play the big hits of the times. Nowadays it plays hits from the 1990s onwards, on high rotation. Their slogan is "Die Mega-Hits der 90er, 2000er und dem Besten von heute“.


The entire world is personalized: Anyone, who has a new apartment, furnishes it to his taste. Anyone who buys a new car, composes all details to his ideas: motorization, colour and extras. Today it is quite usual, that we can adapt all the items and things, surrounding us, to our satisfaction.

The digital agency Computer Rock makes this now available also for apps.

As kick off to the personalized radio landscape, Radio Hamburg got a customized app.


The app experts of Computer Rock have developed a new radio app concept for Radio Hamburg – the biggest radio station of the Hanseatic city in northern Germany. It enables the user to design the Radio-Hamburg-app according to individual needs. The users build up “by finger rub” their own radio app – on the smartphone and tablet.

App Customizing – Show, hide, reorder.

In addition a super-feature, the exclusive “Mega-Hit-Reminder”, sends a message shortly before the beginning of selected favourite songs. No catchy song must go unheard on the airwaves any more.

  • Client more Radio
  • Media iOS, Android
  • Industry Media
  • Launch Year 2014