Go4Media – Ringier

Ringier – Switzerland’s leading media company – is at the forefront of digitalization, investing in digital content and developing new media.


Although a core of their business is still the print industry Ringier decided to say goodbye to an old print companion: the annual advertising rates and information for all print magazines and online media of Ringier.

Starting in 2015 this information is only available online via go4media. go4media is Ringier’s advertising platform which is intensively used by the advertising and media industry to roll out ad campaigns. Before the relaunch of go4media only a small amount of relevant information was presented on the website.

The approach was to refresh the platform, to make a huge amount of information visible, to allow easy navigation on the website and – last but not least as the print version would not exist anymore – to offer PDF download of the current content on the website. The biggest challenge of developing the new platform seemed to be the database and the content management system to handle all different kind of data.


As long time partner of Ringier and go4media Computer Rock was asked to accompany and realize the relaunch.

Firstly, we created a very modern responsive design. Responsive design is a design standard for Computer Rock websites and obviously a must have for users out of the advertising and media industry.

As a second step we developed the database including the possibility to create interfaces with other applications of Ringier in the future. We created a completely self-built and individual solution for Ringier to be able to manage all data by themselves in a comfortable way. The setup for multilingual content is avoiding double data storing and double work for content managers whenever possible.

Thirdly, we managed to install a smooth and fast HTML to PDF converter with additional styling according to the needs of the client. In contrary to the old printout version new magazines can be added during the year to the new database and all info is up to date on a daily basis. Welcome to the digital world.

  • Client Ringier AG
  • Media Responsive Web
  • Industry Media
  • Market Switzerland