Schauspielhaus Zürich

Schauspielhaus Zürich is one of the most important theaters in the German-speaking scenery. We are digital partner since 2009 and launched the new responsive website.


Since our first award-winning website launch for Schauspielhaus Zürich in 2010, we have been proud to be the digital partner of this prominent and influential theater. 

It is with more than 150,000 spectators annually one of the most important cultural institutions in Switzerland. The theater has 260 permanent employees and an ensemble of more than 30 actors. Each season they have 25 new productions plus guest performances that result in a total 600 performances. Artistically, the theater aims for balance and diversity, young and seasoned directors, great classics and new materials. In short, Schauspielhaus Zürich is open to a large theater scenery.

Of course, our website in 2010 was great, but time is passing, new technologies come into the world and so we decided to go for a complete relaunch of the website for the theater season 2016/17.


Front-end-wise we created a totally responsive website with a newly appealing and kind of very special home page, which reflects the dramatic character of an institution like Schauspielhaus. As Schauspielhaus Zürich is blessed with the best three photographers in the German-speaking world of theater, we decided to make use of this great photographic material on all pages (in the background, galleries and sliders) to emphasize the visual effect of the website.

From user perspective, the most important element apart from the home page is the monthly schedule. To increase user-friendliness of the website, we added several filter criteria, which allow users to find just the plays, actors and topics they’re interested into.

Furthermore, the structural separation of the youth and grown-up Schauspielhaus websites was overcome by bringing these two sites together. Through this merge, users would always remain on the same website, while Schauspielhaus administrators would manage the content in CMS in one place with greater comfort and ease.

In the background, the website works with a custom-made solution based on Symfony/Sonata, which enables managing huge amounts of data interlocked in several ways on the website. This also includes the logic to show, hide or sort contents on the website, plus individual interfaces to 3rd party solutions, which are in need of the website data as well.

We must admit: One of our favourite projects. Mostly, because of the very extraordinary material, which provides a sense of drama to design and content.

  • Client Schauspielhaus Zürich
  • Media Responsive website
  • Industry Culture
  • Market Switzerland
  • Launch year 2016