Wilhelm Schmidlin AG is a traditional swiss family business manufacturing highest quality made-to-measure products for the bathroom. From its core markets in Switzerland and Europe it is now expanding into US and asian markets.


With their CI and branding refresh, led by the swiss design agency vetica, an updated presence on the web became essential.
Schmidlin realized that the presentation of the highly variable and flexible VARIO product range had to be addressed with a versatile configuration system.

The challenge was to find a service stack to integrate the wide and evolving requirements.


Based on the modular design we leveraged our Symfony/Sonata based CMS to integrate the complex product offering for different markets with the editorial content.
For the configurator we built a react.js based solution powered by a REST proxy to integrate the supplied SOAP backend interfaces into a modern web solution.

The new website has been launched for the swiss and US markets. The fully integrated dynamic product configurator will launch shortly.

  • Client Wilhelm Schmidlin AG
  • Partner vetica - Branding and design agency
  • Technology responsive Web / Symfony/Sonata / react.js
  • Industry Manufacturing, Construction
  • Markets Switzerland and US
  • Launch Year 2018