Tele Züri

TeleZüri is a local television channel for the city and agglomeration of Zürich, Switzerland. It was founded by Roger Schawinski, a pioneer of local radio.


The largest local TV station in Switzerland, TeleZüri needed a comprehensive website upgrade. AZ Medien, parent company and owner of TeleZüri, faced a lot of obstacles in the relaunch and Computer Rock was there to help.

First it is not always easy to find the right provider for design and development, and secondly, a lot of different stakeholders require special attention on their particular needs for the new website.

AZ Medien made the bold decision to overhaul not only TeleZüri but also their three other TV channels (Tele M1, TeleBärn and TV24).

In search for the best technical partner AZ Medien, called out a request for proposals and selected carefully the winner. Computer Rock was chosen based on our analysis of the current websites and recommendations for bringing their TV brands into the next generation of responsive web. AZ Medien was very satisfied with our performance with other media projects, like the first launch of TV24 in Spring 2014.


In the beginning we evaluated and prioritized the different interests of the stakeholders in interviews and a workshop, putting emphasis on the needs of the target groups of TeleZüri to find the best solution.

We then opted for an agile development process. The client was involved continuously to ensure that we meet or exceeded the expectations of the client in every phase of the project.

We are very proud to have created a clean and consistent website centered around the video content, which enables the users to find relevant content easily. We opted to not make the website fully responsive, but instead made a special mobile version which is optimized for website, structure, content placement and usability on every device.

The back-end site has been developed using a custom solution based on Symfony and Sonata. This allows the management of all TV channels from AZ Medien with only one comprehensive and efficient CMS in the background, and connected to third party suppliers like the VoD platform Kaltura. Excellent performance is provided by the cloud-based supplier Heroku.

  • Client AZ Medien AG
  • Media Responsive Website
  • Industry Media and Publishing
  • Market Switzerland