TV Kids App

Working closely with Vubiquity Inc, Computer Rock have developed an innovative new kid’s app for Virgin Media’s UK customers that entertains, educates and offers fun for 3 – 6 year olds. The app lets kids access a rich media library of content including the widest range of cartoons and TV shows alongside fun games and picture books all in one place wherever they are.


Virgin Media UK a leading provider of TV subscription and broadband services wanted to offer to their subscriber’s a market leading app targeted at that most demanding and fickle of audience’s children aged 3- 6. The app was to be targeted and made available for free to families with a fun bundle subscription or higher. The app had to provide a fun, easy-to-use and safe, ad-free environment for some of Virgin TV’s youngest users and had to stand out in a market with offerings from Sky, Disney and others.

The brief was simple keep it bright, fun safe and easy to access, stuffed with content that educates, entertains and delights – oh and please make sure they can press the repeat button 5 times!


With the client challenge presented, our specialist design team working very closely with our internal development team and Vubiquity set to work. With our strong heritage in gamification and innate understanding of how to capture fun on mobile devices this was an ideal challenge for the Computer Rock team. The end results, an app which is visually unique with secure, safe browsing with intuitive navigation.

The app allows the youngest of minds to browse, select and consume content in the most elegantly designed of app’s. A user experience that reflects our deep understanding around the psychology of interaction on mobile devices from tablets to phones, from young minds to parents, we managed to deliver it all. An entertainment app for Virgin Media that’s not just for kids!