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Wydr is Tinder for buying art. Explore the art world - find your favourites - and buy the ones you like the most.


The team behind wydr approached us to bring their idea to life, increasing the reach of works of art via a mobile discovery community.
We immediately fell for the idea which was conceptionally very clear and straight forward. The elevator pitch reads: “Art Galleries are for the 1%, wydr for the 99%.”
A well specified core idea is a great starting point, the point where the execution strategy and work begins.
We jointly identified the key success factors being time-to-market, a broad community approach and a low entry barrier for user by using a simple and well established user experience.


To effectively service a world wide community of art lovers we had to create and launch an iOS and Android version of the mobile app from day 1.
The user experience is centered around a hot-or-not swipe interface with additional item information and, most importantly, a direct jump into the shopify based purchase flow. Via using this nowadays well estabilshed core usage pattern we were able to create an attractive experience which leads to a high user stickyness.
To facilitate the user on-boarding process we integrated a facebook login from the start and automatically generate shopify users on checkout.
Buying a work of original art from all around the world has never been easier.

  • Client wydr GmbH
  • Media iOS, Android
  • Market Global
  • Industry Retail
  • Launch year 2015