Zürich isst

Digital communication for Zurich’s biggest food event


In September 2015, Zurich was the place for the first edition of “Zürich isst” – a food festival dedicated to sustainable nutrition and healthy pleasure. Hundreds of events and collaborators turned the city into a food platform combining critical consciousness with thoughtful delight.

To spread the word and news about the event itself – which was initialized under the auspices of the city of Zurich and the large Swiss foundation “Stiftung Mercator Schweiz” – it was necessary to create not only classic marketing and advertising campaigns, but also a well-conceptualized digital visibility of the event.

Computer Rock was chosen to take care of the realization of possible digital activities within the budget and the given time-frame.


We made up a 4-step plan for the project:

In the first step, we quickly developed an appealing static landing page to create a footprint in the digital world, saying: “Hello, this is ‘Zürich isst’…”

Secondly, we set up a foundation for an online community, in which several hundreds of participants were involved. The platform provided them with a space where they could build up a network, discuss topics related to the event, exchange ideas, and create cooperation and synergies.

Afterwards, we put our minds into the conceptualization and realisation of the “Zürrich isst” website. It was launched 6 months before the event, thereby offering all relevant information (activities, calendar, news, videos). Of course it complied with our high standards of responsiveness, usability, and the creation of a unique user experience across different platforms. The backend job was taken over by Drupal to manage both the requirements and the content of the website.

And in the end we started a social media campaign to keep the digital activities lively and to involve the target groups of the food festival. The users could take part in a nicely rewarded contest with food images and posts. The posts were published and shared on a number of social media channels. Thanks to a social media aggregator, they were then also collected and presented on the website, which helped increase the website visibility and the awareness of the festival itself.

We served “Zürich isst” a delicious digital meal. Looking forward to upcoming events. Yummy!

  • Client Stiftung Mercator Schweiz & Stadt Zürich
  • Media Responsive Website
  • Industry Events, Culture
  • Market Switzerland