smart EQ control

Maximizing joy by simplifying and focusing on what is really important.

Our Main Goal

smart previously operated various consumer platforms. As part of a group-wide offensive, the number of isolated and/or overlapping services had to be reduced and the consumer should have an as clear and consistent user interface as possible. The concrete task was: Conception, development and implementation of a new architecture. Build “One App” with accurate separation of frontend and service-layers. Seamless integration of smart services and other working streams. The smart One architecture should support multilingualism and be used in all markets. It serves as the basis for all consumer frontends in the future.
Product & Service Design | Real Time Personalization | IoT
Mobile Application

The first stage of our new technology backend

The architecture is matching multiple demands and enables smart to deliver best digital customer experiences and bring electrifying mobility to your smartphone and other devices.


smart EQ control

iOS and Android users can keep tabs on the current status of their vehicle at all times and control a host of functions via their mobile device. Whether you're out for a spin or on a shopping trip, smart EQ control is always at your service: personalised notifications based on user data, the current location and the prevailing weather keep the user up to date.

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