Who We Are

We are a software service company. And what does that mean? We provide top management consulting focused on business models, potential in operations and marketing strategies along with their execution in the digital space.

Our Story

Since founding Computer Rock we’ve been driven by simple beliefs:

needs somebody.

While it is good to have a clear point of view based on professional experience and knowledge it is even better to be aware of missing know-how and to team up with according experts. This common truth applies especially to complex challenges such as business innovation and engineering. This is why we decided to form Computer Rock – a band with technology as lead singer and other experts as songwriters, musicians… A band full of talents and characters ready to rock the industry.

You are good at what you love.

Each of the founding partners already had different industry and entrepreneurial experiences yet one unifying passion: developing (digital) products and services. Building and shipping platforms and applications that create value is the main purpose of our company. It is this common passion that unites everyone working at Computer Rock – to create something that will be used and thereby beneficial to people and businesses alike.

the talk.

We are an independent company that is focused on products. We admire entrepreneurial leadership, welcome professional debates and embrace new challenges. We enter any collaboration at eye level, not shy to question anything that might have an (in-)direct impact on the projects. At the same time we make sure that any solution we bring forward is feasible. We are thinking about development and implementation from day one, this is why we are not shy to claim that we walk the talk.

What We Do

We build large-scale customer experience ecosystems, individualized mobile and web applications ... all powered by Computer Rock’s integration and platform know-how. We go full circle with the concept creation, design and development of digital solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and value propositions. Ultimately, we make sure not only to provide concepts but to deliver performing applications.

Meet the Management

Boris de Malvinsky
Managing Director DE, Partner Group Executive Board / Hamburg

A 15-year veteran of marketing and consulting, Boris is known for his strong entrepreneurial mindset and result orientation.

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Martin Schlatter
CTO, Partner Group Executive Board / Zurich

Enthusiastic innovator of Internet, mobile and wireless applications, Schlatti is a motivator with more than 20 years experience in leadership and customer service.

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Mike Cotton
CEO, Partner Group Executive Board / Zurich

Seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience leading companies in international and multicultural environments, with a focus on digital, media and telecommunications.

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Lewis MacDonald
Managing Director UK, Partner / Manchester

Lewis is a senior digital executive with over 20 years of experience in building fast-growth companies in the digital space.

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Daniela Capaul
Managing Director CH / Zurich

Daniela has many years of Marketing and Leadership experience in various industries. She has built a large Mobile Business expertise since the raise of Smart Mobile Devices.

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André Horstmann
Managing Director CH / Zurich

15 years of experience in concepting mobile and web applications in combination with a strong engineering background are making André a great product designer and UX expert.

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Christopher Borchard
Lead Commercials DE / Hamburg

Christopher has experience working on multiple management and product consulting projects with international clients and teams - focused on creating digital products and services from scratch with strong problem-solving concept capabilities.

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Theodorus Bruchwald
Lead Technology DE / Hamburg

A jack-of-all-trades, Theo is the seasoned executive with over 20 years experience in the IT sector, leading development teams, product development and management with pragmatism and strategy.

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Hamburg Office

The Hamburg office was once an old bread factory and is now a spacious industrial-style space overlooking one of the city’s many canals. Located in a lively residential neighborhood, the office accommodates experts for consulting, project management, project engineering, UX/UI and back office.


Food for thought

Belgrade Office

While we are focusing on remote work in our Serbian location, our office at the foot of Kalemegdan Fortress offers modern and flexible workspaces, relaxing zones and dedicated testing rooms. The Belgrade office is where our agile development takes place, covering most relevant tech stacks from Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML/CSS, iOS and Android.


Full Stack Development

Zurich Office

Our Swiss office is located in a historical mill in Zurich. With a view on the lake our swiss specialists conceptualize, manage and implement digital projects around the world.


Swiss precision

Manchester Office

Located in St Peters Square and surrounded by many of Manchester’s iconic buildings, Computer Rock UK is ideally positioned in the heart of Manchester, home to the world's first computer. Working in a vibrant digital city with a proud history of achievement in sports, culture and music it’s a fitting location for our UK team of digital experts.


Home of the Computer


Computer Rock is a technology-agnostic service provider. This means we adapt our solutions and infrastructure to flexibly integrate them into any enterprise architecture. We’re quick when it comes to adopting new technologies and integrating them into our platform approach. So, we can meet your every technology need, when you need it.

Part of this are technology partnerships and certifications, which we aim for to optimally support you with a long-term vision.