Team Services

With our Team Services solutions, we offer dedicated teams for your inhouse development projects. Do you need a tech stack that you don't have in-house or certain talents for only a limited time? Our remote IT professionals will be fully integrated into your processes, managed by your POs, PMs or CTOs. The administrative home will be at Computer Rock, providing the neccessary infrastructure and guidance.



Challenging times ask for a dynamic solution to scale up with additional capacities or expertise. Next to avaiable resources on short notice, we offer you a fully transparent sourcing process when needed. We ensure short onboarding times with the lowest possible bureaucracy. You can add new impulses to your existing teams when important milestones are in sight and decrease once targets are met.



We are offering you different Team Services options with a varying degree of integration into your existing team(s) - from managed teams with proxy PO to integrated single team members. All HR and administrative tasks will be completed by Computer Rock. Choose between senior team leads with vast experience or other seniority levels. We cover a wide range of technologies, including Backend, Frontend or Operations and Cloud Infrastructure. But we can always source talents tailored to your individual needs. A defined and plannable runtime with extension options for resources adds to your flexibility.

Risk Minimizing

Risk Minimizing

We help to minimize your project risk by offering high recuiting and development standards with as little communication overhead as possible. You will stay in full control of the delivery process and maintain your production flow. Naturally, all IP rights will remain with your company. A comprehensible pricing system and clear ruleset regarding sick leave, vacations and replacements ensure full transparency and predictability.

How do you start the process?

After intially getting in touch with us, we will need a short briefing on the project and existing team setup. Furthermore, you specify your demand regarding role, seniority level and special skills. We will then get in touch with you to offer short-term availablities or discuss the sourcing process.

How does the candidate selection work?

We will closely involve you in the candidate selection process. We normally run a preselection and present to you a shortlist of profiles. You then will be able to join any follow-up interview in order to ensure the candidates fit to your team. In addition, you can run candidates through your internal assessment processes.

What is your pricing model?

Prices are dependent on technologies, market trends, seniority levels, project runtime and other factors – prices are calculated individually. Please get in touch.

Can I make adjustments along the runtime?

We regularly check in to discuss satisfaction and performance levels with staff and clients. There is also a defined process to rearange team compositions.

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