New Deutscher Hockey-Bund (DHB) website is live!

Nemanja Ostojić
Dec 01, 2021

The new website of the Deutscher Hockey-Bund is live

The next new website of Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. is live and marks another milestone on the DHB's journey towards a digital platform landscape.

There is now a magazine page ( with all nationally important news and facts about the German national field hockey teams. The new first port of call for all field hockey fans and those who want to become one. 

In addition, there will be a new association website ( starting next week, which will showcase the work of the DHB in a new light. Here you can find all official messages of the association and news about youth field hockey or sports development.

New system

The new system was first published and used with the website for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo ( After more than 20 years with the previous technical infrastructure, it was time for modernization. The new technical foundation convinces with (almost guaranteed) continuous availability, enormous performance, and stability. In addition, the DHB's new digital offerings are easy to use on all devices - both desktop and smartphone.

For example, the planned personal login area is only possible on the basis of the new system and will significantly simplify the everyday life of many field hockey fans and field hockey makers. Such features and more will be released continuously over the next 12 months. 

The new magazine page of Deutscher Hockey-Bund

The new magazine page is the heart of the field hockey world. The focus is on current news and data about the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga as well as the national teams. New articles about field hockey in Germany will be published daily on Thanks to the optimized mobile view, field hockey news can now be read anytime and anywhere: At home on the computer or on the go on the cell phone. 

In addition, you can find all the facts and figures about the national teams on the magazine page - which player has scored the most goals? Who is in the current squad? Exact data on individual players? This and much more can be found on the pages of the national teams ( on the new magazine page.

The new overview of the standings and match days provides field hockey enthusiasts with a current overview of the respective Bundesliga season. Who is playing next weekend? Who won last weekend? Who has a particularly good chance of winning the championship? On the magazine page, field hockey fans can find all the answers to questions about the Bundesliga.

The new association site of Deutscher Hockey-Bund (starting next week)

The association's website will have a new look and a clear structure. This way, users will always find exactly the information that is important - quickly and easily. On the home page, visitors will see at a glance the latest official announcements and current news about the association's work. 

Other information on youth field hockey, field hockey education, and sports development will also be structured and easy to access. This will make it easier than ever to learn about and take advantage of the many different services offered by the DHB. 

What's next? 

The new magazine site and the new association site that will follow next week are important milestones but by no means the end of the journey towards the digital hockey landscape. We are already working on the new state association pages and a new login area for members. Soon it will be possible to set up your own personal area the way you want. You will be able to create your own favorites. In addition, the administration (everything to do with passports and game planning) will be digitally usable and retrievable.

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