Weather data from 15,000 points of interest, hourly weather data & more

Daniela Capaul-Zoppi
Apr 04, 2020

With the new Version 7, the old backend interface is replaced after half a decade. At the same time, the app code was comprehensively revised. The app is now leaner, more expandable, easier to maintain and noticeably more performant for the user.

At the same time, the weather alarm app users benefit from the following improved features:


Weather data for 15,000 points of interest

So far, weather information based on around 4,800 postcodes has been displayed in Wetter-Alarm.

By using a new interface, around 15,000 coordinate-based points, so-called “Points of Interest”, are now replacing the previous postcodes as data points in Wetter-Alarm 7.0

Weather alarm 7.0 makes it possible to query weather information for the following categories:

  • Villages

  • Quarter districts

  • Mountain peaks

  • Road passes

  • Valleys

  • Vantage points and excursion destinations

  • Airfields

  • Zoos

  • Golf courses

Each of the approximately 15,000 data points now has individual weather data and can be saved as a separate favorite in Weather Alarm.


Hourly weather forecasts

The forecasts for the current day as well as for the coming day are now displayed every hour instead of the previous 3-hour interval, which enables more precise information on the precipitation, temperature, wind direction and wind strength.


IMG 0410

More than 200 Livecams

Since the data model of Wetter-Alarm was based on postcodes, a maximum of one livecam could be assigned to a location.

With the introduction of Wetter-Alarm 7.0 and the switch to coordinate-based weather data, it is now possible to assign more webcams to a location, municipality or region.

All livecams now also have individual information on temperature, precipitation and wind and are more suitable than ever for weather monitoring. With the switch to weather alarm 7.0, the following livecams are activated for weather alarm:

Thus the number of webcams displayed in weather alarm rises to over 200!


Weather data updated 6 times a day

Up to now, new weather data have been provided to weather alarm users 4 times a day, but now there are up to 6 deliveries of precipitation values, wind speeds and temperatures that are processed daily.

The latest weather data is provided at approximately the following times: 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 11:00 PM.

If you don't have the popular Swiss weather app on your smartphone, you can download it here.

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