Can You Trust the Algorithm's Career Advice?

Nemanja Ostojić
Oct 06, 2020

It was one year ago that our partner, Toni Knows, a career advice platform, went live with their online coaching platform.

The startup Toni Knows was founded by two career coaches, who are consulting young people usually offline, in 1:1 tests and interviews. The idea, as it turned out, was a big challenge. It was hard to transform years of experience into an algorithm so more people can use a similar offer at a more favorable price.


Computer Rock’s task was to create a mobile-optimized website that is attractive for young people and provides similar results like 1:1 coaching automatically. Without any effort from the consultants.The website contains a test with 3 analysis levels: personality, competence, and interests. The main challenge was to create an algorithm delivering two different recommendation lists out of more than 100 study courses. Jackpot list, that considers all three factors and one with bold proposals, which is calculated from the personality and competence scores. What makes Toni Knows different is that the client receives not just recommendations for study courses, but also for jobs that perfectly fit their personality.

Not only did we actively create the platform, but one of the people working with us now, Anton, went through the Toni Knows process and put the career advice into practice.

We spoke with Anton to get a better insight. 

When I started as an intern with Computer Rock, the Toni Knows project was in the concept phase, where I was often asked and interviewed. I spent a lot of time on this project and tried to represent the target group. A lot of research and surveys in this direction have been carried out by me.

Then the project went into development and the implementation of the concept began. I was able to test the finished sections and give feedback as to whether they were understandable and comprehensible.

After completion, I was allowed to test the finished product with selected young people and receive the overall result. The entire processing of the test was very understandable for everyone. After completing the test, we were given a long sheet with the evaluation. Everyone could identify themselves in the results and they agreed very much with their assessment. Our feedback was then recorded and photos were taken for the current website.


The career advice, for me, came to the result of studying business informatics. This corresponded very much to my ideas and wishes in later professional life. Fortunately, I was able to realize this dream at Computer Rock and become a dual student here. I've been studying business informatics in a dual education system since 2019. I enjoy constantly switching between studying and working.

Toni Knows Checkup, 1 year later.

We asked the founders to tell us what sets them apart from the competition.


“There are already a large number of study tests. Some use cumbersome performance measurements. Toni Knows believes in self-assessment of competencies and dispenses with cognitive performance processes. Other test procedures focus on the mere consideration of interests and thus remain superficial. We believe that student counseling is only really valuable if it is carried out on the basis of your personality. That's why you learn a lot about yourself with us. You can reflect on the result for yourself and use our recommendations to make a decision on a suitable course of study. Your decision!”

Currently, Toni Knows's main target groups are high school graduates, and those who drop out or change their studies between the ages of 16 and 20. The online platform was successfully launched in July 2019. Since the launch, the site has been accessed over 550,000 times until mid-May 2020, and over 10,000 students and graduates have taken the test. The shift from analog interviews to a fully automated digital process has been successful.

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