Computer Rock is the Technology Partner of the German Hockey Association (DHB)

Nemanja Ostojić
Oct 16, 2021

We are happy to announce that after an intensive and detailed conception phase in 2020, Deutscher Hockey-Bund (DHB) found a technology partner in Computer Rock, who will lead their technology transformation. 

The shared love for hockey, digital reinvention, and long-term strategy has resonated with the values of both organizations. This partnership will shape DHB’s digital strategy for many years to come. 

The project "Redevelopment of The Digital Landscape of the DHB" will be implemented in phases over the next two years.

DHB plans digital realignment of all platforms and is aiming to empower and share the voices of both the current players and members of the hockey community. 

We can proudly say that Computer Rock is also going to be a sponsor of the national men’s and women’s hockey teams (Honamas & Danas). It is a matter of heart, and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to give back at such a crucial time.

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The first milestone was successfully reached in August. Computer Rock provided complete digital coverage of the national team’s efforts during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. All relevant information was aggregated in one place, enabling all the fans to have the best possible experience. Even though the time was challenging, our goal was to empower the entire community and help them follow the adventures of the national teams and staff during the biggest sporting event of the year. 

Christoph Menke-Salz, board member and sports director of the DHB, had this to say:

We are happy to have found the right partner. Computer Rock’s impressive technical and strategic background, combined with their knowledge of the sport made them an obvious choice. The journey to a complete digital reinvention is going to be a long one. We are thrilled that the first step was completed with the full digital coverage of the Olympics. Even if nobody was in the stadium this year, the fans were able to stay close to their team.

Christian Richter, Managing Director at Computer Rock:

We are excited at the prospect of helping shape the digital future of German hockey. This is going to be a highly complex project that will include a complete rebuild of the hockey’s backbone structure. I want to thank Ben Glubrecht for his dedicated work for the past 2 decades building the system. Now, we need to set the foundation for the next twenty years.

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