Exciting new launch: Toni knows your next move

Meike Scharnhorst
Jun 24, 2019

The startup Toni Knows was founded by two career coaches, who are consulting young people usually offline in 1:1 tests and interviews. The idea and - as it turned out - also big challenge was to translate years of experience into an algorithm so more people can use a similar offer at a more favorable price.

Computer Rock’s task was to create a mobile optimized website, that is attractive for young people and provides similar results like the 1:1 coaching automatically. Without any effort for the consultants.

The website contains a test with 3 analysis levels: personality, competence and interests. Our challenge was to create an algorithm delivering two different recommendation lists out of more than 100 study courses: one Jackpot list, that considers all three factors and one with bold proposals, which is calculated from the personality and competence scores. What makes Toni Knows different is that the client receives not just recommendations for study courses, but also for jobs, that perfectly fit to their personality.

But how to get young people to answer more than 400 questions online? User friendly! Instead of traditional tests with boring designs and always the same check boxes, Computer Rock created a questionnaire in chat style embedded in a modern website.

We're excited to finally be live now! Visit www.toni-knows.de, get to know Toni and learn more about yourself.

Meike Scharnhorst

PA / HR / PR, Hamburg. After 10 years of experience in the advertising industry with stops in Berlin and New York, now kind soul of the Hamburg office.