Get Personal Alarms With the Wetter-Alarm App

Daniela Capaul-Zoppi
Apr 01, 2021

Wetter-Alarm reliably warns of all severe weather hazards throughout the year. In 2020 alone over 113 million severe weather warnings were sent out.

As a new feature, Wetter-Alarm users can now also create «personal alarms» that are tailored to their individual needs.


When is the next barbecue weather coming?


When can I go swimming next? Do I need to prepare for a tropical night? Do I have to water the garden tomorrow?

Wetter-Alarm users now get an answer to all these questions and many more when they create the corresponding personal alarm.

Personal alarms reliably support users in their leisure activities as well as in their daily work or around the home and garden. Model calculations of weather forecasts serve as the data basis.


Which criteria can be used?


The personal alarms can be created for defined locations for which the defined weather conditions are to be checked.

The available query criteria are temperature, information about precipitation amount and probability, average wind speed, wind gusts or wind direction. The criteria can be used individually or in combination.

Furthermore, it can be defined on which days of the week and in which time period the weather conditions are to be checked. It can also be set at what time the information should be provided. You can choose between in-app notification with or without push notification.


Predefined and individually created alarms


Four predefined alarms are available:

  • Rainy day

  • Windy day

  • Heat day

  • Tropical night

In addition, further individual alarms can be created as desired.

The predefined and the individual alarms can be adjusted, deactivated or deleted at any time.


What is needed


Of course, the Wetter-Alarm app must be installed on the phone. «Personal alarms» are available to all users of Wetter-Alarm for free.

So that the individual messages remain saved and do not have to be created again when changing devices, «personal alarms» are linked to the weather alarm profile. This brings the additional advantage that the alarms are synchronized on the different devices of the users.


Further information about Wetter-Alarm you can find here.

If you are not yet using Wetter-Alarm, now is the time to install the app:

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