How It's Made - Computer Rock Edition

Nemanja Ostojić
Jul 17, 2021

This is the third and final article in a series addressing Computer Rock's expansion on the Asian market and discussing the inner workings of our company.

We recently attended Auto Shanghai 2021 and showcased our services to a global audience. Auto Shanghai is one of the world's largest auto shows, gathering car manufacturers, suppliers, and technology companies presenting their visions for the automotive industry. 

Even with strict Covid-19 restrictions, the fair attracted about 810.000 visitors. The show's motto was "Embracing Change." Driven by this motto, the main focus was on autonomous driving, connectivity, and electromobility. The fair emphasized the NEV (New Energy Vehicles), and numerous technology companies attended the show due to the increasing importance of digitalization. 

We presented our services as part of the German government's foreign trade fair program "German Pavilion" under the slogan "Made in Germany."

As we recollected our thoughts after the event, we realized we might not have told you the entire truth. Computer Rock is not just "Made in Germany." 

Computer Rock is made in Switzerland.  Computer Rock is made in the UK. Computer Rock is made in Serbia.  Computer Rock is made in Germany. 


We are a software service company. Computer Rock provides top management consulting focused on business models, operations and marketing strategies, and their execution in the digital space. In Europe alone, we have four offices, and we employ around 100 people. 

Many things make our company unique. We have different backgrounds, opinions, speak numerous languages and have expertise in various fields. Hey, some of us don't even like beer. 

But one thing we all have in common is our values. 

Three simple principles drive Computer Rock:

  • No one knows it all. - We leave ego at the door and make sure to have relevant experts on any project we work on. We make sure not only to provide concepts but to deliver performing applications. 

  • You are good at what you love. - Our passion is to create products that bring value to people and businesses alike. We are committed to the exceptional client experience.

  • Walk the talk. - We take time to listen to the client and fully understand their workflow before beginning any work. 

If you read any business book, you might have come across the term USP (Unique Selling Proposition). USP is what separates you from the competition. For some companies, it's the unique technology used to manufacture a product. For others, it's a specific patent or a trademark. 

Our USP? It's simple.

Our people are what makes us unique. 

We like to think of ourselves as a music band. Technology is a lead singer, and our experts as songwriters, musicians, producers, etc. A band full of talents and characters ready to rock the industry.

How it's made - Computer Rock edition

Hamburg Office

The Hamburg office was once an old bread factory and is now a spacious industrial-style space overlooking one of the city's many canals. Located in a lively residential neighborhood, the office accommodates experts for consulting, project management, project engineering, UX/UI, and back office. 

Belgrade Office

Belgrade office is located in the center of the downtown, close to the historical Kalemegdan fortress. It offers modern and flexible workspaces, relaxing zones, and dedicated testing rooms. The Belgrade office is where our agile development takes place, covering the most relevant tech stacks from Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML/CSS, iOS, and Android. 

Zurich Office

Our Swiss office is located in a historic mill in Zurich. With a view on the lake, our swiss specialists conceptualize, manage and implement digital projects worldwide.

Manchester Office

Located in St Peters Square and surrounded by many of Manchester's iconic buildings, Computer Rock UK is ideally positioned in the heart of Manchester, home to the world's first computer. Working in a vibrant digital city with a proud history of achievement in sports, culture, and music, it's a fitting location for our UK team of digital experts. 

Your Technology Partners

Computer Rock is a technology-agnostic service provider. This means we adapt our solutions and infrastructure to integrate them into any enterprise architecture flexibly. We're quick when it comes to adopting new technologies and incorporating them into our platform approach. So, we can meet your every technology need when you need it. 

European values and Global Outlook

Combining international perspectives with industry insights and expertise is the core of our offices in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Serbia. We are guided by European values and believe in diversity and mutual respect.

We might be in different countries, but our values are aligned. We have combined our mutual traits into one big picture. What comes first to your mind when you see Computer Rock?

Our diversity helps us empower our intellectual curiosity, nurture tolerance and solidarity, and have a deep sense of respect for others. 

Mind Map - Made in EU

As we continue to help our clients digitize their business processes, we are continually investing in the development of our team and redefining our vision for the global market. 

Let's talk.

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