How to Successfully Digitalize Your Business | Claimini Case Study

Nemanja Ostojić
Dec 20, 2020

claimini is a newly founded claims management company. The two founders Michael and Nils have extensive and rich knowledge of the industry, as they were running one of the leading claims management companies in Germany for years. Nils Bohm is a business mathematician with over 16 years of experience in claims management. On the other hand, Michael Pfister breathes business, with experience in sales, broad know-how & never-ending passion.

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With claimini, they want to revolutionize the industry.


A lot of business logic and implicit knowledge of the founders needed to be made explicit, written down, structured, and transferred into a technical concept. The technology needed to follow the business logic flawlessly. The real challenge was making a technical concept for a highly complex product. We wanted to create a simple UI (User Interface) that easily delivers the message and value.

The product consists of three sub-products, which cater to different audiences. This meant there was an additional challenge to create a consistent, re-usable design system that fits all audiences but is also efficient and re-usable on the coding level. The final step was a fixed deadline for the first go-live for the beta phase on 01.09. and a full-blown go-live on 01.11.

Complex project. Challenging deadline. Full Stack. This was the perfect project for us. 

We had two tasks:

  • Turn the vision of Michael and Nils into a technical concept, that is highly flexible and scalable.

  • Realize the concept into a fully functional product on time.


To transform a complex project into a solution we started off by having numerous direct workshops with the claimini team. We built a rapid prototype early on in the project to verify the feasibility of the basic technical concept. We took a clear modular, component-based approach on the technical side.

Our team used the business process model tool (Camunda) on the backend-side to cover the business logic. The focus was put on clear prioritization and breakdowns of features together with the client.

Key Takeaways

It's important to understand not only the client's needs but also get a good understanding of the industry and the state it is currently in.

It is of vital importance to make as much of the client's implicit knowledge explicit, challenge the ideas of the client, and visually sketch ideas together.

On the technical side, taking the initial time to set up a solid framework is the most important piece as it sets the roadmap and saves time in the future.

Lastly, with such a big and complex product, communication is key. With agile development, we always break things down into smaller, more manageable work packages. But with such a complex product, it is important to never lose sight of the big picture and the overall vision. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep repeating the product goal and vision over and over again to keep everyone on track.

Technologies We Used: 

  • Java

  • Elastic Search

  • Camunda

  • Javascript REACT

  • Material UI

What does this mean for the client's business going forward?

claimini can now offer the most innovative claims management on the market for vehicle fleets of all kinds. Their unique, self-developed dashboards continuously screen all of the client’s data with artificial intelligence and supplement it with common sense.

After a pilot phase, claimini already handles more than 400 claims per month via the new eClaim software. In 2021, roughly 10.000 claims with over 40.000 invoices will be managed fully digitally with the eClaim. Due to the automation of processes, the processing time as well as error rate are extremely reduced.

Additionally, all claimini customers receive a link to the eCase - their very own digital claim file. Here, they have a clean and structured overview of their claim, can download any relevant files, and can track the progress of their claim in real-time.

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That is an innovation in the industry that many competitors may only dream of.

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