Find Suitable Trial Apprenticeships in Just a Few Clicks

Daniela Capaul-Zoppi
May 28, 2021

The idea for was born in 2015, triggered by often frustrating experiences in the search for trial apprenticeships. On the initiative of the Sek Regensdorf and with the support of the Rotary Club, the first version of the online job placement system was designed and developed in many workshops and launched in 2017 in the district of Dielsdorf.

The platform was quickly very widely used and requests followed from other regions. Therefore, schnuppy. ch was completely redesigned and developed last year and launched in May 2021.

Convenient job search & application shows young people the nearest available taster apprenticeships and also enables a targeted search for professions. The application takes just a few clicks, as the necessary documents such as certificates or letters of motivation are stored in the personal dashboard.

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Everything at a glance in the personal dashboard

The personal dashboard contains all open applications and accepted trial apprenticeships, as well as a timeline that shows the young person on which dates he or she has already accepted trial apprenticeships or still has open applications. Young people and companies can communicate directly via using the chat function. Important events such as the acceptance of a position are also communicated automatically via e-mail.

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Advertisements & application management for companies

Registered companies can advertise as many trial apprenticeship positions as they wish in They can advertise different types of apprenticeships, define the time of availability and in which radius of the company location the jobs should be displayed. Received applications can be accepted and rejected via the platform. In order to prevent too many applications from being received for a position, it is possible to define after how many applications or acceptances the availability of a position is automatically set to red. Particularly attractive positions can be advertised in selection mode, i.e. the young people can only apply for an exact date and are pre-informed that the chance of acceptance is rather small.

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Close involvement of teachers and parents

A key success factor of schnuppy is that schools, teachers and parents are closely involved in the process. They are kept up to date on applications, acceptances and rejections of young people. Teachers also have a dashboard that shows them the activities of all the students in their class. This provides optimal support for the still very young students to apply correctly and find the right trial apprenticeships.

UX/Design: Focus on an optimal mobile experience

Since the young target group is mostly mobile, there was a strong focus on a simple and intuitive mobile application. All functions – from the search, to the application and access to all dashboard functions – are also easily accessible via smartphone or tablet.

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Technologies & Platforms

On the backend is based on the Symfony Framework/PHP7 and a PostgreSQL database. The webfrontend was developed with HTML/Javascript. The UI was developed via Pattern Lab according to the Atomic Design approach.

Who is behind

The overall responsible organization the association It is responsible for the financing and the proper operation of the platform. The association is also responsible for the admission and introduction of new districts. The local networking is a recipe for success of and is guaranteed by the various project leaders in the districts. In addition, the respective area management is available to the schools and businesses as a direct contact person. A schoolhouse delegate is appointed for each school, who is available as a responsible person on site for questions or concerns of teachers, school administrators and young people. is supported by:

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Daniela Capaul-Zoppi

Daniela has many years of Marketing and Leadership experience in various industries. She has built a large Mobile Business expertise since the raise of Smart Mobile Devices.