ACE - Eco System Platform

Introducing the ACE Eco System. A platform that unifies disparate data stacks, connects multiple business units and workstreams to provide the organization with unified, real-time access to process-related information. From master data management to self-service applications for suppliers and customers, the platform has provided our client with a solution that allows them to navigate the digital landscape with unparalleled agility.

Our Main Goal

We're committed to growing transparency and efficiency across interconnected processes, allowing every business unit within the organisation to make sense of complex service landscapes with ease. The goal was to establish a reliable data management, to provide multidimensional information in a secure and accessible way whenever it is needed. Plus, the platform reduces dependency on one-to-one connections, offering a high level of flexibility.

Mixing/enriching standard and individual components

We had to depict unique business requirements and workflows to curate solutions that offer the best fit. Whether it's leveraging industrial standards like MS Dynamics for ERP or integrating a geoinformation system like ArcGIS enriched by Google Maps/Places API data, tailored to user segmentation, we look at your requirements closely before providing a solution. This approach ensures optimal functionality and efficiency.

MACH Architecture

We designed a service architecture guaranteeing high performance and scalability. Powered by microservices (Kubernetes), it segregates business processes and so leaves you with more options for growth. With our event streaming platform managed through Kafka, data and status updates flow in real-time. Leveraging Azure Infrastructure, including a comprehensive toolbox and deployment pipelines, we ensure total cloud infrastructure management. As a result we enabled an independent maintenance and feature development, and easy access to all you need to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


ACE - Eco System Platform

The ACE Eco System – a culmination of three years of dedicated development since 2022. Seamlessly integrating 16 microservices and 6 service applications, leveraging third-party components and services, including MS Dynamics 365, ArcGIS, Google Places, Grafana, Kubernetes, and Apache Kafka, to provide highly efficient solutions.

With the capability to manage up to 3000 individual database fields per case, ACE Eco System Platform offers ongoing feature development, ensuring your business is ready for whatever comes next.

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