DHB - Digitalisation of a Sports Association

Elevating DHB's digital realm, we focused on enhancing engagement and making field hockey more accessible. Through a unified platform, advanced technical infrastructure, and a pivotal role in Tokyo 2021, our project set new standards in digital engagement for sports, ensuring the legacy and future of field hockey thrive in the digital age.

Our Main Goal

Our goal was to elevate the Deutscher Hockey Bund's (DHB) digital presence, enhancing engagement and accessibility. We focused on efficiently organizing information and communication, highlighting county associations, and leveraging technology to support volunteers. Committed to migrating extensive archives and simplifying passport management, we aimed to make field hockey more accessible, ensuring the sport's legacy and future thrived online.

One Platform to Success

The Deutscher Hockey Bund (DHB) is the backbone of German field hockey, boasting over 400 clubs, 15 county associations, and 85,000 active players, making it the most successful Olympic team sport in the country. At the national level, the DHB shines through its magazine and association websites, while regionally, it supports through regional and county sites, all managed seamlessly by one admin system. This unified approach ensures the sport's vibrant community and legacy continue to thrive across all levels.

Technical Infrastructure

Our technical infrastructure boasts a cutting-edge admin and content management system, ensuring flexibility, speed, and security. With a robust PHP template engine and select frontend components, it facilitates a swift, full-text search engine and a web application accelerator for unparalleled performance. Additionally, our infrastructure features high-performance internal and external interfaces (REST-API), streamlining communication and data exchange to support efficient and scalable operations.

Olympic Games Tokyo

Achieving our first milestone for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a comprehensive website enhancing user experience with a Match Centre, Player Profiles, Team Lineups, and live entertainment. Despite the absence of public viewing, our platform delivered live scores and celebrated gold medal victories, setting a template for future projects. This critical endeavor underscored the importance of digital engagement, ensuring the spirit of the games thrived online.


DHB - Digitalisation of a Sports Association

In a groundbreaking effort, our team—from Hamburg to Belgrade—combined the expertise of Product Owners, Backend and Frontend Developers, QA Specialists, DevOps, and Project Engineers. Central to our mission was the user experience (UX), guiding our design and development to ensure the Deutscher Hockey Bund's digital leap. This collaboration set the stage for the upcoming DHB League & match operations, showcasing our commitment to digital innovation in sports.

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