DPD - Handheld Technology

Explore the transformation within DPD's parcel shop operations through our innovative handheld technology. This tool is crafted to boost both efficiency and accuracy, seamlessly guiding parcels from receipt to delivery.

Our Main Goal

DPD is committed to setting new benchmarks in parcel logistics. Our Android-based handheld technology is tailored to enhance parcel handling and fuse offline with online operations seamlessly. Our objective is to empower DPD’s staff and exceed customer expectations with quicker, more dependable services.

Our technology excels in managing complex interactions with ease. It integrates user roles and logistical details into a unified interface, streamlining the management of driver data, case statuses, and customer profiles. This integration enhances operational efficiency and customer interactions, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and streamlined processes.

DPD's handheld technology leverages robust Android software combined with user-centric functionality. It provides intuitive navigation and efficient real-time data processing, ensuring rapid and precise parcel handling. This setup supports innovative offerings like Click-and-Collect and neighborhood delivery, making logistics smoother and more responsive.

Our technology is an essential companion for drivers, providing a comprehensive dashboard that displays package counts, stops, recipient details, status, estimated arrival times, and customer addresses. Before starting, drivers can view their route, map the delivery area, and strategize the most efficient path. This integration ensures accurate, timely deliveries, streamlining the daily workflow and reducing stress for drivers.


DPD-Handheld Technology

DPD's handheld devices are a testament to the collaborative spirit of our dedicated development team and DPD's operational experts. Through rigorous UX testing and a commitment to user-centric design, this technology excels in delivering enhanced precision and speed in parcel management. The initiative seamlessly integrates innovative services like local distribution, elevating the user experience and illustrating a successful partnership aimed at revolutionizing logistics and boosting customer satisfaction.

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