DPD - Parcel Navigator 2024

Explore the transformation within DPD's parcel shop operations through our innovative handheld technology. This tool is crafted to boost both efficiency and accuracy, seamlessly guiding parcels from receipt to delivery.

Our Main Goal

Facing the dual challenge of complex home deliveries and rising customer expectations, DPD Germany set out to redefine industry standards. The company embarked on a mission to develop innovative products and services that captivate both business clients and individual consignees. Simultaneously, DPD constructed a new delivery ecosystem designed for dynamic operations and real-time interactions, solidifying its position as the most customer-centric brand in the market.

Dynamic Content Delivery

DPD Germany embraced technology by integrating a sophisticated Rule Engine to process real-time user interactions and activity data through APIs. Supported by a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Content Management System (CMS), this system adapts navigation messages and content dynamically based on user profiles and analytics. The result? A significant enhancement in user satisfaction and operational efficiency, making parcel tracking a breeze for consignees.

Conversational User Experience

In order to implement more sufficient services DPD had to undergo a widespread change process affecting all business units. We’re proud to have accompanied DPD along the way contributing as business consultants and UX-designers during the product development as well as developing partner for all mobile touchpoints (iOS/Android).


DPD-Parcel Navigator

With the DPD Parcel Navigator app, consignees are always informed about their parcel's status, receiving advance notifications within a 60-minute ETA slot. On delivery day, live tracking capabilities allow users to monitor their parcel's journey in real-time. Not available at the destination?

The app makes it easy to reroute the parcel with various options, aligning delivery services with users' dynamic lifestyles. This suite of features not only simplifies parcel delivery for users but also boosts DPD's operational performance and service quality in the B2C sector, establishing the Parcel Navigator as a highly acclaimed industry benchmark.

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