With its digital refrigerator Emil Fröhlich, the innovative gastronomy and hotel management company SV Group has launched another attractive catering offer for SMEs and companies.

Our Main Goal

SV Groups vision was to offer its clients healthy food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, distributed by an IoT refrigerator. Our mission was to design and create the system, including the fridges software, mobile apps for the end users, a service app for “Joe, the fridge filler” as well as the underlying backend system, allowing to plan the production of SV’s tasty food for each fridge based on clients consumption.
UX Design | Engineering | IoT
Mobile + Web Application

Tap, Grab & Go - 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In the app, guests can browse through the weekly changing menu and see the product's nutritional information. The app shows the user all the fridges nearby and the products currently available in them.



“Emil Fröhlich” is the name of the IoT refrigerator that provides active people with fine dishes, salads, desserts, snacks or drinks around the clock.

With the app, guests can browse through the weekly changing menu, see the still available products and - once in front of the fridge - open it via bluetooth in order to purchase their desired dish. “Joe, the fridge filler” has a service app at hand to support him in filling the fridges with new products. An algorithm controlled production planning ensures that the right amount of products is planned and delivered.

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