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Our Main Goal

Around 200,000 interested people use the ePolice mobile apps of the cantonal police of Graubünden, Bern, Basel and the Lucerne and Schaffhausen police every month, around 90% of whom are returning users. Launched in 2012 by another company, the apps were ready for a redesign and new state-of-the art programming.
User Experience Design | Visual Design | Development
Whitelabel Mobile App (react native)

Improved UX/Design

In several iteration rounds together with the representatives of the cantonal police forces, a fresh new visual design as well as an improved UX concept were developed, which enable a simple, intuitive navigation.



The mobile apps of the cantonal police of Zurich, Graubünden, Bern, Basel, Lucerne and Schaffhausen inform the population about the latest police news, witness calls, water levels of lakes and rivers, emergency numbers, prevention tips, police professions and much more.

All police stations including opening hours are at hand at any time and any place. We have redesigned and reprogrammed it from scratch.

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