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Our Main Goal

Glutz, with its head offices in Switzerland, is an internationally renowned company which provides state of the art solutions for secure and convenient access. Glutz has commissioned us with the development of an iOS and Android native app to complement their “eAccess” product suite. The app acts as a key to pre-installed Glutz hardware. Via the app users can open doors and barriers at any time from everywhere. As individuals from various backgrounds are using this app, the main UX goal was to combine a functional, efficient and intuitive experience with highest security requirements. From a technical perspective the app had to be easy to maintain and future-proof.
iPhone & Android App (native)

Opening doors from anywhere at anytime

Once registered, users immediately see all their available doors on the screen. With a press of a button, doors can be opened, kept open or closed. Doors which are often used can be marked as favourites and will show up with priority when the app is opened. Furthermore GPS features enable users to quickly access doors within a pre-defined radius. Users can personalise their doors by selecting their preferred color, name and icon. The app can be used equally in a private as well as in a professional setting. New doors can easily be added on an admin panel and are immediately available within the app.



This mobile app allows users to quickly and effortlessly open doors from anywhere at anytime. The app offers personalisation features, favourites and gps features. The app is an important addendum to the Glutz “eAccess” product suite.

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