Green Man Gaming App

A unique and personalised Gaming mobile storefront offering for one of the worlds largest digital gaming retailers.

Our Main Goal

Green Man Gaming, one of the world’s largest video gaming digital distributor’s, had a pressing need to expand its services into the mobile space. This was motivated by a desire to continue to show leadership in the market and have class-leading solutions across all digital touch points. The Mobile experience, needed to be more than just an m-comm app. In terms of design this was Green Man Gaming’s first foray into Mobile and as such they had no Mobile experience or design book from which to draw. We helped them translate their vision, strong brand history & identity into a mobile-effective design that reinforced their unique elements whilst keeping a strong mobile UX. For the User experience, both teams from Computer Rock and from Green Man Gaming were very clear on the goal – An App that is more than just purchasing. The app must draw users in and keep then engaged, creating an app that is used daily and has compelling content to make that happen.
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Creating a central home for gamers

The Solution is an app that merges strong community & content with the core proposition of a purchasing platform. Strongly compelling, personalized offerings that keep a user engaged with the Green Man Gaming Brand and which leads to increased sales.

Together we created a central home for gamers at Green Man Gaming. It combines a storefront, with a social platform incorporating content which comprises both first and carefully curated third party editorial content in a manner that is both intimately familiar for gamers and a first for the industry.


Green Man Gaming App

As a gamer, I want to keep up to date on the latest news, views, hints and tips as well as get access to content previews and the latest offers available. Along with Green Man Gaming we have delivered all of this contained in a compelling mobile e-com experience. Content consumption along with e-com a complementary ecosystem, delighting customers, driving engagement and sales.

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