League & Match Operations

Let’s delve into the intricate world of german field hockey’s Season and League Planning. From admin functionalities to competition and passport management, player transfers, and live score updates—discover how our backend orchestrates every detail, seamlessly feeding a dynamic frontend view.

Our Main Goal

Revolutionizing league management and match operations for the Bundesliga, encompassing both men’s and women’s leagues. We aimed to streamline player passes, league planning, and match reporting through a comprehensive admin area. Additionally, we introduced a live ticker tool for real-time results and reporting, enhancing engagement for the public audience and setting a new standard for sports administration.

UX for Backend-Admins

Let’s explore optimizing league planning interfaces for team and league managers. By streamlining the organization of play modes, team participation, and match days, we ensure an equitable distribution of home and away games, efficient group management, precise kick-off times, and clear match day statuses. This focus on a user-centric design facilitates seamless navigation through various functionalities, including playing locations, thereby enhancing the administrative workflow and decision-making process.

Live Ticker Tool

Our Tool transforms match reporting from paper to digital, serving as the backbone of our sports platform. It covers everything from goal scorers and match events to staff and referee details, enriched with a dynamic commentary function. Designed to enhance the experience for admins, team managers, and referees, this tool ensures efficient competition and league management with robust user error handling and official status updates.

Live Ticker: Comsumer’s View

Marking a first milestone, achieving one Live Ticker per game across 1st & 2nd Bundesliga and extending to international competitions like the European Championship 2023. Tailored for both men's and women's matches, these tickers enhance DHB's and Field Hockey Bundesliga’s websites. The vision expands to include live updates for every official field hockey game, from youth to senior levels. Our challenge lies in refining the UX for volunteer backend users and frontend consumers alike, aiming to unify all under one comprehensive product.


DHB & HBL - League & Match Operations

Concluding our transformative journey with the DHB and Hockey Bundesliga, we've established a robust foundation for innovation, blending efficiency with a pioneering approach in sports management. The circle beautifully closes, with our presence felt both as visible entities on the players' shirts and as the unseen architects of the backend's advanced admin tools. This dual role underscores our commitment to enhancing the digital sports landscape, paving the way for future advancements and celebrating our integral connection to the game.

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