smart "ready to"

Under the smart brand "ready to", Daimler Mobility Services (DMS) optimizes the use of existing transportation infrastructure and develops flexible and ecofriendly mobility solutions of the future.

Our Main Goal

Daimler Mobility Services operates ready to share and ready to drop customer services under the ready-to brand. The user group and range of services are to be expanded in the future, so that “ready to” can play an increasingly important role as an innovator and driver within the Daimler Group. While the agility and combination of sandbox and service/solution provider is to be maintained, broader transfer and integration possibilities within the Group brands must be made possible. With the previously existing app an expansion and thus an implementation of new services were not possible. Computer Rock has been tasked with rebuilding the app so that future services can be easily implemented into the app.
Product & Service Design | Sales Activation | Payment
Mobile Application

Peer2Peer Sharing

This app became a sandbox for a lot of additional, new services like Park, Spot, Theft, Drop.


smart "ready to"

One app, all services and functions for your smart. iOS and Android app users can not only use our digital services - but also a range of practical remote functions.

Simply share your smart with friends and family with "ready to share“ – enhanced with a payment service to retrieve money for the rental period. Have your parcels delivered to your trunk with "ready to drop". Always know where your smart is – in the event of theft, you receive an early warning and help in locating your smart with „theft recovery". Or find your way back to your smart using any available means of transport such as public transport or car sharing with "ready to spot“. Find a parking space or petrol station with „ready to park“ and "ready to fuel“. These and many more features have been integrated with best user experience and maximum security while interacting with the vehicle and other participants.

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