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Our Main Goal

True Luxury Villas started with a few excellent villas and chalets and quickly grew to a sizeable portfolio. Computer Rock came in for a technology and SEO driven relaunch of the existing site. The main goal was to implement an easier search and booking process and to set up the SEO correctly. Always keeping one important rule: Only True Luxury Villas decides which villa goes up and meets the standards of their curation.
UX Design | Digital Commerce | Performance

Mobile-optimized and now including a simple customer profiling

The existing site was expanded to include several, additional segments (for example booking yachts). In addition, a new and more intelligent search function was installed enabling the user to select the right vacation home more quickly based on his needs.

So far, the booking of a domicile has been commissioned via a contact form or by phone or email. With the new site, a new check-out process was built, in which the user is now able to book his domicile directly on the site.


True Luxury Villas

You don't want to compromise on luxury while on holiday? At True Luxury Villas, you will find the right holiday domicile for every season and every preference. With simplified search, high-resolution and perfect images, saving your favorites and an overall modern look on the mobile-optimised website, booking your next journey is very convenient for the user and brings a great sense of excitement for the upcoming holidays. Where is your next trip going? Check it out…

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