The multiple award winning Weather-Alarm app is Switzerland's top choice for weather updates, boasting over 2M downloads and a thriving global user community. Its USP is to reliably warn of adverse weather conditions such as hail, thunderstorms and more, aiding users in safeguarding themselves, loved ones, and property. The app is offered as as free service by Swiss building insurers.

Our Main Goal

Since we were able to realize the first app release many years ago, it has been our goal to continue the app's success story in this highly competitive market. It is all about meeting the high expectations of the large and loyal user base: Precise bad weather warnings on time. Reliable high end weather data and forecasts. Seamless access to a global network of 360° roundshot webcams. Just to name a few. Equally significant is maintaining a high-performing, reliable and secure system, based on top notch technology and latest standards.

High End User Experience

Many factors are crucial to ensure the best possible user experience, such as top-tier functionality & content, an intuitive UI, high performance, and reliability. None of these factors can be singled out as most important. All of them playing seemlessly together is key.

To fuel innovation, Weather Alarm maintains constant communication with heavy users, attentively considering all feedback and reviews. Any new big feature undergoes rigorous beta testing and optimization before being launched.

Backend Modernization

Taking over the operations of a legacy system was initially quite challenging. It meant digging into a long-grown business logic and gaining a profound understanding of the various interfaces within the system.

Our goal is to transition the historically evolved monolithic backend into a component-based structure using the latest technologies. In this ongoing process, we focus on modernizing key modules and introducing new features.

Collaboration & Operations

Running and advancing the entire Weather Alarm ecosystem demands close and efficient collaboration among a diverse team of specialists. Our dedicated team excels in various technologies, UX/design, and QA, with a profound understanding of the legacy backend system. Managing multiple parallel workstreams efficiently is our daily challenge, whether launching new services in high quality and promptly, or continuously operating, maintaining, and modernizing the existing system.



Being responsible for developing, modernizing and operating the ecosystem of a multiple award-winning weather app is a demanding yet interesting challenge. Meeting the expectations of a large user base in a competitive environment requires high attention at all levels. A dedicated team of various specialists, including product architects, software engineers, UX designers, and QA engineers, collaborating efficiently is one of the key success factors.

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