ACE - 24/7 Emergency

Meet the cutting-edge emergency call system from ACE, a reliable platform for 24/7 roadside assistance, medical support, and insurance services, spanning the whole of Europe.

Our Main Goal

The ECS had to match multi-dimensional demands to secure instant assistance for automobil club members across Europe. We prioritised reducing user complexity and error rates by implementing highly standardised yet intuitive workflowsand. With a focus to the highest reliability standards we had to secure thet our emergency solution will deliver optimal performance and peace of mind when every second counts.

High Efficiency

We developed workflow-specific user interfaces and functionalities tailored to the needs of each agent and step in the process. The application benefits from automation features like prefill and service selection via decision trees, along with semi-automated entitlement and budget checks. We integrate task management, plus process- and demand-oriented data enrichment, and role-based dashboards, so everyone is provided with a comprehensive 360° view of case files and history. And with dynamic features like routing, ETA, alerts, and multi-channel communication, ACE emergency response has become even smarter.

Eventdriven Data Management

Operations are safeguarded by the highest level of security and availability, with cloud infrastructure supported by an on-premises fallback system. Centralised authentication and authorisation via Single Sign-On add an extra layer of protection to your workflows and synchronised data, plus real-time status updates, ensure swift responses in the most critical moments.


ACE - 24/7 Emergency

Together with ACE we’ve changed the landscape of emergency call systems. We reached unparalleled transparency and interconnection across business units. Even better, we enabled a quicker onboarding for new agents and enhanced end-to-end performance, as relevant data reaches agents faster, enabling swifter and more informed decision-making processes. Overall the system elevates emergency response capabilities and grants flawless coordination when it matters most.

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