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Our Main Goal

Ex Libris is the largest Swiss media online store for books, e-books, music, movies, video on demand, games and electronics. When Ex Libris approached us in 2010 to design and develop a mobile application, our client had the vision to expand their multi-channel shopping strategy by the promising mobile channel, not knowing by then, how large and important it will become over the years. Our UX-Approach was driven by the goal not only to offer all the functionalities also available from the web, but to take advantage of mobile specific possibilties like eg. the camera to perform a barcode article search. On the technical side we decided to go with a native programming, in order to ensure a best possbile performance, security and usability for the users, while browsing and shopping in a sortiment of over 21 mio articles. The multi award winning app has been continously further developed and enhanced with many new features during the past years.
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Browse & shop within 21 Mio articles

App users can browse product categories, novelties and charts within an assortment of over 21 mio articles such as books, ebooks, music, DVD/Blu-ray, games, electronics, leisure & games, Disney and many more. Text search with automatic suggestions, a barcode scanner or photo search will help to search for a specific product. Users can manage their Ex Libris and Club accounts and add articles to their personal watchlist. Payment can be performed with state of the art payment options. Also gifcards, discount and online vouchers can be redeemed. If there is the need to find a physical store, the app offers a store finder, which shows real time product availabilites and "Pickmeup" functions for online purchased goods.


Ex Libris

This multi award winning mobile shopping app allows browsing through several million articles, on the go and at home. It includes reading and listening samples, the full-text search with result suggestions, customer ratings, and watch lists, as well as checking how quickly and in which store an article is available. Thus the app has become an important distribution channel within Ex Libris multi channel approach.

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