gustav smart fridge by SV Group

Discover the gustav smart fridge by SV Group – your ultimate IoT solution delivering fresh, healthy food right at your workplace, 24/7. From inception to operation, we've meticulously crafted every aspect, ensuring seamless access through innovative planning algorithms and user-friendly apps.

Our Main Goal

SV Group's vision was to provide clients with 24/7 access to healthy food through an IoT fridge network. Our mission was to engineer the entire ecosystem: from the fridge's hard- and software and state of the art mobile apps to a secure, robust backend system with feature-rich promotion tools. This system intelligently plans SV's delicious food production for each fridge, tailored to client consumption patterns.

UX Design

The emphasis was on delivering a distinctive purchasing experience. Simply use the app to unlock the fridge, remove your desired items, and you're done. The system seamlessly deducts the total via stored payment methods and confirms your purchase via push notification.

But our UX team's work doesn't stop there – from refining the service app for "Joe, the fridge filler" to optimizing the fridge's and check-in station's screen UI, we carefully craft every aspect of user interaction.

Hardware Design

At the heart of the fridge's sensory system lies the gustav extension board, piggybacked on a Raspberry Pi and seamlessly integrated with the fridge's software. We proudly designed and engineered this board, collaborating with the perfect partner for production and testing, ensuring operation without a single failure since its launch many years ago.

Concurrent HW/SW Development

Given the time constraints of the initial project, our hard- and software teams had to collaborate extremely closely across multiple concurrent streams, covering backend processes, fridge and check-in station software and hardware, interfaces to surrounding systems, various web applications and mobile apps, and more. Through meticulous planning and rigorous collaboration, we not only met but exceeded expectations, successfully mastering this ambitious project with remarkable efficiency.


gustav smart fridge by SV Group

gustav smart fridge by SV Group is your ultimate IoT solution for fresh, nutritious food available at your workplace 24/7. We've meticulously crafted every detail of hard- and software.

This intelligent system tailors food production for each fridge to match consumption patterns. Our UX team refined every interaction, from the purchasing experience to various screen UIs. Our teams collaborated closely across multiple streams, exceeding expectations through careful planning and rigorous collaboration.

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