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Embark on a journey of comfort with SmartGuard 2.0 and SmartComfort by Meier Tobler. Our innovative app development caters to diverse user personas in the heating industry, including homeowners, property managers, and both internal and external heating installers. From cozy warmth to efficient management, our tailored solutions redefine comfort and control in heating installation and usage.

Our Main Goal

When tasked with developing apps for end users and installation teams, we faced numerous challenges. Supporting multiple heating types with varying functionalities in a single app was a key requirement. Choosing the optimal technology posed another hurdle, considering the need for cross-platform compatibility and the complexity of features. Additionally, simultaneous development of core hardware and cloud backend demanded an agile approach, necessitating close collaboration among stakeholders.

UX Design

The client aimed for the end-user app to accommodate various types of heating, each with slightly different functionalities. Additionally, users might operate multiple systems concurrently. Balancing complexity with ease of use was crucial, considering potential real-life and cost implications of misuse.

Designing intuitive interactions for diverse heating systems posed a challenge, requiring multiple conception rounds. Client feedback from an engaged user group facilitated the development of a user-friendly interface.


In the initial phase, we deliberated on the optimal technology. With the need to support iOS, Android and Windows platforms, obviously cross-platform development was considered, especially since both end-user and installation apps shared a significant part of the business logic. A detailed analysis focused on whether the planned complexity of functionality allowed a cross-platform approach or necessitated a native development. Ultimately, we chose the cross-platform framework Xamarin.

Agile Development

The app's frontend was developed concurrently with the core hardware and cloud backend, necessitating a very agile approach. Close collaboration among all stakeholders ensured a seamless orchestration of UX/design, implementation, and QA processes. Despite ongoing system development, a careful planning enabled a smooth execution.


Meier Tobler

The SmartGuard 2.0 and SmartComfort apps empower Meier Tobler heating owners to efficiently monitor their systems, manage absences, and optimize energy usage. We take pride in leading the development of this cutting-edge IoT solution, leveraging the expertise of our dedicated team comprising UX specialists, software architects, and QA engineers. Our close collaboration with cloud architects and hardware specialists ensures a seamless and professional execution.

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