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We develop platforms and services. Full-stack.

Looking for an expert to execute your business strategies?

We offer top management consulting focused on marketing strategies and business models and their execution within the digital realm. We help our clients to close gaps regarding their digital transformation with initial developments or by adapting operational structures.

Want to provide engaging experiences?

We create award winning services and target-oriented designs. We know how to translate concepts into compelling user interfaces and how to draft scalable data architectures. Agile design developments with iterative UX-testings is one of our core disciplines – no matter what frontend or platform.

Need a (new) technology partner?

We provide software services from the development of transactional platforms to the replacement of legacy infrastructure or the optimization of operations. We are technology agnostic, reliable and we deliver in time and budget.

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International with local market insights

With offices in Hamburg, London, Zurich and Belgrade we combine international perspectives with local market insights while living by European values and diversity.

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Best Video Conferencing Apps for Your Business

A lot of people and businesses had to change their workflows to accommodate newly imposed Covid-19 restrictions. Video conferencing apps have seen an upsurge in…
Nemanja Ostojić / 01 February 2021 / No Comments
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claimini is a newly founded claims management company. The two founders Michael and Nils have extensive and rich knowledge of the industry, as they were…
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COVID-19 Impact on Luxury Travel - True Luxury Villas

Take a look at how COVID 19 impacted the luxury travel through the eyes of our client, True Luxury Villas. A platform offering hand-picked villas.
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