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Nemanja Ostojić / 10 months / No Comments

claimini is launching! We are excited to see our partners taking their first big step. claimini is an independent claims management company taking an innovative approach to claims management for all kinds of vehicle fleets.

With claimini you will get the most innovative claims management on the market for vehicle fleets of all kinds. Their unique, self-developed dashboards continuously screen all of your data with artificial intelligence and supplement it with common sense.

Vision shapes the future of companies. But it is not enough to envision, you also need the right people to put that vision in practice. With claimini’s vision set laser focused, we were thrilled to work with their visionaries:

Nils Bohm is a business mathematician with over 16 years of experience in claims management, he is taking care of IT and operations. All of his goals are handled with a lot of creativity and focus on innovation.

Michael Pfister breathes business. With over 16 years of experience in claims management he is focusing on sales with never-ending passion.

Their team statement says it all: “We are passionate about what we do. All of our employees are united by a passion for living, real values, having fun during the process, and enjoying working with people. This includes trust in your own strength and commitment to your actions. We are looking for enthusiastic, clever, and highly motivated claimers. with the heart in the right place and the enthusiasm for the latest technologies.”

Benefits of working with claimini:

  • Recording all of your damage 24/365
  • Repair at exceptional conditions
  • User-oriented interfaces so that your damage can be processed quickly and with high quality.
  • High level of automation to guarantee you stable, error-prone processing.
  • Ultimate technological infrastructure for high efficiency, maximum performance, and optimal interface connections.
  • Great all-round service

It is our great privilege to work with partners that are proactive, efficient, and always on top of their game. Good luck claimini!

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